The Family Way: Coming Home (2017)
Co-produced with Rogue Chimera Films and Helix Media.
A short prologue to the award-winning feature screenplay, The Family Way.  A young sociopath begins a killing spree, unaware that he's caught the attention of a family who tracks murderers.

Real People (not actors) (2016)
A parody commercial created with footage shot by professional actors showing us what would happen to them if real people took all their jobs.

Turtlepocalypse! (2016)
A short horror-comedy shot by the B-roll crew of Predatory Moon. Our fastest production ever was literally written in 3 minutes, filmed in 30 minutes, and edited in 3 hours.

The Figure (2016)
A short horror-comedy paying tribute to the slasher genre.

Predatory Moon (2016)
A feature-length film about werewolves being done with 100% practical F/X. (No CGI beasties here!)

Intervention (2010)
A short horror-comedy film about a man with a serious addiction.

Psycho Chicks Anonymous (2010)
Feature length film mockumentary about a support group for men.

Short horror-comedy film about the Renfield family's employment history serving vampires.

Bleeding Hearts
Short parody commercial using footage from "Monster Safari". Please, think of the vampires.

Monster Safari, Episode One
Short film parodying nature shows.

Scene (2008)
Short parody of the movie "Saw". What would really happen if two average guys were chained up together in a bathroom?

Coffee (2008)
Short horror film about gangbangers robbing the wrong coffee shop.


My Sister's Shoes (2016)
Special Effects
Produced by Wicked Window
Nominated for Best Special Effects in the Tampa 48 Hour Film Challenge.

Hungryland (in post)
Special effects, Stunts, FX Makeup
Produced by Dormi & Goldberg

Eat It All (in post)
Special effects, Stunts, & Key Makeup
Produced by Evilflix

One Night of Fear (2016)
Special effects, Stunts,  & Key Makeup
Produced by Caisson Films

Love at First Night (in post)
Special effects makeup
Produced by Eric Weece

The Entity (2016)
Creature fabrication
Produced by Trevor Nadeau

Sitter (2015)
Special effects
Produced by LO Pictures

Monsters (2015)
F/X gag fabrication
Produced by Isiah Miller

Death-scort Service (2015)
Special effects prop fabrication
Produced by Gatorblade films

Adahy Tohopka: Beast In The Woods (2015)
Special effects, F/X makeup, stunts, creature makeup
Produced by Change Films

Dangerous People (2015)
Special effects, F/X makeup, stunts.
Produced by Mo Lei Tau Productions

Green From The Grave (2014)
F/X makeup, practical effects, and stunts.
Produced by Space Coast Film & Talent Group and FDMC Media.

Harbinger (2014)
F/X makeup, practical effects, and stunts.
Produced by Helix Media
Awarded "Best Special Effects" for the 2014 Zombie Film Challenge.

Smart TV (2014)
F/X makeup, creature makeup, and key makeup.
Produced by Emma Rose Productions

Of Dice & Men: The Musical (2013)
F/X makeup, practical effects, combat choreography, and stunts.

Produced by Helix Media
 Awarded "Best Choreography" for the 2013 Tampa 48-Hour Film Challenge.

Lean Times  (2013)
F/X makeup, special effects, F/X props.
Produced by Florida Independent Filmmakers

Standing Up (2012)
Special effects, F/X makeup.
Produced by Thirteenth Floor Media, Inc.

Affirmation (2011)
Special effects and stunts.
Produced by Whiteboard Pictures

HorrorScapes (2011- 2012)
F/X makeup, practical effects, and related wardrobe.
Produced by POV Concepts


"Steel Beauties Combat Show"
Live stage combat show featuring bloody casualties. Performed in night clubs in the Orlando, Florida area. Video contains very old information.
See Steel Beauties video.

"An Evening at the Grand Guignol"
Original horror play that ran during the 1999 Orlando International Fringe Festival.

Original drama play that ran during the 1998 Orlando International Fringe Festival.


"The Vampire Story"
Original photos and a collection of stories following a tribe of vampires and their effect on history and modern culture.

"The Zombie Turkey Saga"
Original story and photos of the remains of a holiday turkey seeking revenge.

"Steel Beauties"
Photography series of models with swords that inspired the live combat show.