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Don't get caught with unauthorized brand name labels in your film!  
We can build or modify commonly-needed props (like beverage containers) or create something special for your project.

We love getting creative challenges when it comes to building weapons, so tell give us your wish list and we'll see if we can make it so. 
We can fabricate weapons from scratch or modify existing ones for creating safe special effects.

We offer script consultation services as well as editing and proof-reading.
Need a script written based on your story idea or outline? We've also got a few  multiple award-winning screenwriters in our group who have a passion for helping people tell their stories.

We believe that a low budget horror film doesn't have to resort to just splashing blood around. Whether it's building a practical effects gag from scratch or pulling equipment out from our own arsenal to use, we offer services for creating gruesome special effects. 

We also offer special effects makeup services for both stage and screen. Make-up design, life-casting, sculpting, latex or silicone appliance creation, dental prosthetic, and prosthetic makeup application services are available.
We work in both film and theatrical costume design and fabrication. Whether it's a big cast for a period piece story or just one eccentric character in modern times, we can help. 
We offer services in wardrobe planning, costume design and fabrication, wardrobe shopping, and wardrobe department organization.
We know that the key to running a smooth production is in the little details. With over ten years experience in planning and producing films and videos, we offer services in script breakdown, production scheduling, and casting. 
And because a well-fed crew is a happy and productive crew, we also offer craft services.