Siren Productions Media, LLC
P.O. Box 731942
Ormond Beach, FL 32173

For general information about our company and up-coming productions, contact: SirenProductionsMedia@gmail.com


Siren Productions Media, LLC began as just plain old "Siren Productions" back in 1997. We started by producing original stage plays, live combat shows, and what we called "Photorial Stories" online.

In 2008 we decided to take the plunge and go into film. We shot four short films over the course of fourteen months and then we decided it was time to tackle our first feature-length film project.

In late 2009 we began production on Psycho Chicks Anonymous, a mockumentary film about a support group for men in very dysfunctional relationships. With a cast of over thirty people, a skeleton crew*, and a budget that wouldn't buy you a decent meal in Los Angeles, the film hit the silver screen in the summer of 2010.

In 2013 we began shooting our second feature film "Predatory Moon" on a miniscule budget of about $28,000. This unusual, character-driven werewolf film is expected to be released to the general public in 2017.

2016 was a big year for us as we shot several short films: A campy spoof on the slasher horror genre called "The Figure",  a quick laugh at the monster animal films called 'Turtleocalypse!", and a parody commercial entitled "Real People (not actors)".

December of 2016 we joined forces with Rogue Chimera Films and Helix Media to shoot the short film "The Family Way: Coming Home", which is a prologue to the award-winning screenplay The Family Way written by Shiva Rodriguez and D. Duckie Rodriguez.

In 2018 we all aim to get the feature film of The Family Way into production.

Siren Productions also provides services for other independent film productions. We're known for being able to pull of gruesome effects on a shoestring budget and we have a well-stocked workshop for speciality weapons and prop builds. Our team members regularly go out to work on other projects with the full blessing and support of the company.

(* And by "skeleton crew", we mean like Lucy.)

Managing Members

Lowrie Fawley
Virginia Jasper
Garith Pettibone
D. Duckie Rodriguez
Shiva Rodriguez