Predatory Moon (2016)

A animal behavior specialist investigates a fatal bear attack in a small Florida town. As he observes the lone survivor, he suspects that there is something much more sinister than a bear in the woods.

Our second feature-length film, Predatory Moon began filming in the spring of 2013 on a micro-budget of $28,000.00.  This character-driven werewolf story utilizes 100% practical effects and an impressive cast portraying emotionally broken characters.

The film was released on Amazon Prime in October of 2017.

Starring Chris Morrissey, Jonathan Foster, and D. Duckie Rodriguez  

Produced by: Virginia Jasper and Lowrie Fawley

Written and Directed by: Shiva Rodriguez

Released on Oct. 1, 2017

Official website:

Predatory Moon on IMDb

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