Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Meet the Crew of Coming Home: Steven

This ambitious man was born in the Bronx of New York, Later he was blessed with the with a life changing event of adoption at age seven, raised in the Southern borough of Brooklyn. Steven shortly after developed an obsession to entertain and bring a happiness which he never knew was inside of him that began to come a natural daily ritual to seeing others smile.
One of his fondest childhood memories being Choreographing varies dance styles to amuses or performing music concerts singing lead vocals or for his new large family and their many social holiday gatherings. Steven credits Ms. Pat , his English and Drama class teacher. She inspired him to practice improvisational skills as well as comedic timing soon allotted him to opportunity’s to perform mock television commercial ad satires for his fellow classmates complete with hand made props. With a passion for his new found hobby he still made time to join the Glee Club Choir.
At this new found coming his academic scores excelled. Steven was rewarded by his guardians to attend the newly released monthly double feature at his local movie theater. It was his best four hour treat of each month, Granted one film was martial art themed and the other was of the horror genre. Steven became intrigued with the mystery of how they were able to preserve the fact that you saw it with your own eyes but yet it was once only words on paper come to life with actors who may have met for the very first time but made you believe in their characters as a whole. It began Stevens goal to not only be able to create but master what he had just witnessed, it was his first calling towards his dreams.
When he moved to Florida at age fifteen he focused on creative writing, drawing and athletics. Highlights from his high school years where singing a ballet in Spanish while playing air guitar at Valencia Community College in a talent contest of his peers, placing at the all district county track heat plus making the Drill team and Saber team in his Airforce R.O.T.C. class. (..and growing a facial hair)
His after-school hobby was breaking down the science of a physical stunts for at this age he had dreams of being a professional stuntman. Steven admits this was one of his wildest and stupidest activities. From climbing over top speeding vehicles to scaling the tallest structures he could find. Regretfully this often got him into trouble. Steven created a big brother program teaching team-building skills whilst living in a group juvenile facility that held children ranging from 7 to 17 in age.
At nineteen, after a brief two minute conversation with a major motion picture actor when working craft services ten feet from the celebrity trailers in MGM Studios Fl before they paraded the star across the park in motorcade. He told me anything was possible if you believe. Steven knew it was inevitable acting was in his destiny yet knew not what would bridge this manifesto.
Wanting to cut cost as a photography hobby became profitable he became employed at an award winning year round haunted attraction with the interest of learning to create professional backdrops, what happened next took Steven by surprise as he landed one of the few outdoor performance character which in turn lead to acting roles for a couple different smaller agencies. From 1998 thru 2000, he managed night clubs donating his free time to Siren Productions (currently Siren Production Media LLC) . Steven aided and learn as many departments as he was given the opportunity , switching hats between photographer to grip to actor and even test stunt dummy if one was called for.
Steven credits the founders of Siren for taking him in and mentoring his craft after the tragic loss of Steven Jr. his child. Stepping out of his managerial duties for a few years and engulfing himself in the art of the craft.
His bodies of work include: PSYDSHOW (stage 1999), An Evening At The Grand Guignol (stage 2000) , Steel Beauties Combat Show (stage 2001-2002) , “Interview” (2009), Psycho Chicks Anonymous (2010), “Intervention” (2010) , Horrorscapes (20110) Predatory Moon (2016), “Real People, not actors” (2016), and “The Figure” (2016)

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