Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Meet the Crew of Coming Home - Shiva

Meet Shiva Rodriguez, Director and co-writer of “The Family Way: Coming Home”.

Shiva started her career in the film industry as a practical special effects artist back in 2008 and has worked on over 40 short films, TV/video projects, and feature films such as Sitter, HorrorScapes, One Night of Fear, and Dangerous People.

Prior to that she worked in costume, makeup, and set design for theatrical events and haunted house attractions.

While she loves working “in the trenches” as an SFX supervisor, she never had any ambition to be a film director until a couple of her closest friends talked her into it back in 2013. Her first time in the director's chair was on the feature film Predatory Moon, then she went on to direct a few short films including “The Figure” and “The Family Way: Coming Home.”

Shiva is also an award-winning writer who has been putting ink to paper for as long as she can remember. She's penned several screenplays, magazine articles, stage plays, and a novel on her own, but often teams up with her husband D. Duckie Rodriguez when it comes to taking her story ideas and turning them into screenplays.

The Family Way is one of her all-time favorite feature scripts that was based on a short story she write back in 2006. Excited that this screenplay was “in talks” for going into production, she and Duckie wrote “The Family Way: Coming Home” as a short prologue to introduce the world to a few of their favorite characters.

Shiva is often described as being an “actor's director” and credits her directing style to having been brought up by parents who were in the entertainment industry as well as spending years as a crew person on films and listening to what actors praised and complained about. She believes that actors should have a large part in developing the characters they portray and that her job is to guide them in the right direction.

She also strongly believes that film is a collaborative medium and values the opinions of everyone on a set, from the cinematographer right down to the production assistants. As a director, she hates using the phrase “My film” when talking about a project.

It's her dearest hope to have the opportunity to direct the feature film The Family Way in the near future.

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