Sunday, February 5, 2017

Meet the Crew of Coming Home: Ayla

Meet Ayla Mackinnon, Audio for the "The Family Way: Coming Home".

Ayla is an audio engineer from Sturbridge, MA. who now resides in Saint Petersburg, FL. Her family is full of artists, from painters to musicians, to costume design, to models. Ayla has an upbringing in audio. Her father is a vocalist, and drummer who is a DJ for wedding and corporate parties.

With that being said, from the very beginning, she and her little brother were listening to PA systems and analyzing how a room sounds from the very beginning of their life. As she grew into adulthood, she and her brother Devon attended Saint Petersburg College for MIRA (Music Industry and Recording Arts) where they specialized in production.

The two siblings have always inspired each other to be creative and move forward as professionals into the industry. Today, Ayla is taking the overflow of her brother’s gigs (who started sound mixing in 2010.) This is what started her career in the film industry.

All Ayla wants to do is record audio, and make it sound as great as it is performed. Whether it is recording arts or mixing live audio, she is looking for the sweet spot of the instrument or dialog. When the mic hits that spot, it provides the thrill and passion to continue her career.

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