Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Room Tone Challenge

Some BTS footage from the break area at the end of the last night of shooting  "The Family Way: Coming Home".

We've been known to have "dance breaks" between takes on past productions, but this one spontaneously broke out after audio called for room tone (recording the sounds of a quiet room, during which everyone nearby stays as quiet as possible.)  The room tone recording was going on about 25 feet away in a closed room, and this video was shot by Key MUA Nicole Sweeney on her cell phone.

If I heard the story right, the first take was killed because someone inside the house opened a door.  The second round of audio taping went smoothly and the look on the audio department head's face when she saw the video of what was going on outside at the time was just priceless.

And for the record, we don't recommend trying this challenge. We were fully expecting Audio to burst outside and scream at us at any second.

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