Saturday, January 21, 2017

Meet the Crew of Coming Home - Scott

Meet our Director of Photography, Scott Sullivan.
Scott is an award-winning cinematographer, director, and writer based in Tampa, Florida. After earning his degree in Education, Scott took a job as a science and math teacher with the intention of dedicating the long breaks the educational system provided to honing his craft as a filmmaker. A film class that he started within his school provided an opportunity to lead his students to compete in film competitions during the school year as well. He got involved with Shiva Rodriguez and Siren Productions during one of these film-making competition in mid 2013.
Scott has been recognized multiple times for achievements in the Central Florida film scene, earning awards for cinematography, directing, writing, visual effects, and producing from organizations like the Florida Film Network and events like the 48 Hour Film Project. The recognition paved the way for Scott to leave his job as a teacher and focus on film-making and cinematography full-time.
Scott describes the working relationship between he and director Shiva Rodriguez as extremely collaborative. “There is a lot of trust there,” says Scott, “which is always a great feeling to have as an artist. It motivates me to go that extra mile in shaping light or spend that extra minute refining the composition. I want to make sure that what is shown on the screen is as good as, or better, than anything she was hoping for.”
Scott is currently shooting the feature film The Best Laid Plans with writer/director Michael LiCastri. He is also signed on to shoot features for Domonic Smith later this year.

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