Sunday, January 15, 2017

Meet the Crew of Coming Home - Sandra

My illustrious career began on stage when I was 7 and played Mary in the annual Christmas pageant at my grade school.  Unfortunately, that experience tainted my desire to be an actress when they wanted me to kiss the boy playing Joseph on the cheek.    I did do it, but had no desire to ever have to kiss a yucky boy ever again. 

Siren Productions was the next time I really had any experience in the film industry.  
I was a PA for Predatory Moon and got to be an extra who was killed in the opening credits.  This was such an amazing experience for me that I truly looked forward to learning more.
I was a PA for The Figure as well as playing the part of Angela.    I was also graced with getting killed in this film's credits.
I was the Unit Production Manager for the film The Family Way: Coming Home.  

I truly enjoy this work and look forward to helping and learning as I go.  It seems that there is always someone who has helped me to learn something to grow as a person and in the industry.  

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