Thursday, January 5, 2017

Meet the Cast and Crew of Coming Home - Lowrie

Meet Lowrie Fawley, who is one of the producers of The Family Way: Coming Home and also plays "Sue".

A Virginian by birth, Lowrie Fawley is a film actress known for several
short films including Coming Home, The Figure, Libby, Solus, and Harbinger as well as feature films including One Night of Fear and Predatory Moon, as well as the upcoming TV series Legion of Ru and the web series Everyday Spooky. She was active in many theatrical venues prior to turning her attention to film and television in 2013.

In 2001, she formed FantasyLand Theatrical Productions in
Gainesville, Florida with Christian St. John. In Gainesville, she was a
theatrical scholarship recipient for two consecutive years at Santa Fe
Community College, where she was twice awarded the FCCAA Award for Stage Management, and again for lighting design. She also served as Company Manager for the Hippodrome State Theatre. She holds a degree in theatre from Santa Fe Community College and a Masters in English from the University of Florida.

She has performed and directed in several venues, including the Acrosstown Repertory Theatre and the STAR Center.

Her past roles include Magenta in The Rocky Horror Show, Emily
Dickinson in Belle of Amherst and Hannah Mae in A Coupla White Chicks Sittin' Round Talkin'. She made her New York stage debut in Israel Horowitz long-running dark comedy, LINE at the Thirteenth St. Repertory Theatre. She also performed for three years in New York's seasonal attraction Blood Manor.

She is also a producer and FX artist with a particular love of the horror genre.

She credits her parents for giving her a love of the arts at an early
age when they took her to New York City, almost lost her on the subway, but did manage to get her to see her first Broadway show, Brigadoon, and her love of performance began.

She also credits Christian St. John for pushing her to grow as a professional as well as other mentors including Shiva Rodriguez, Bob Caso, Rob Robbins, Terry Klenk, Lauren Caldwell and Edith O'Hare for their valuable lessons about the art and business of film and theatre.

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