Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Werewolf Saga Continues...

Wow, it's hard to believe that pre-production for Predatory Moon began almost 15 months ago and now we have over 95% of the film in the can. While that may seem like an awfully long time, especially considering that we wrapped up our first feature-length film Psycho Chicks Anonymous within 3 months, this is an entirely different ballpark!

We knew that doing an extremely low budget werewolf film was going to be challenging enough, but then we decided to really torture ourselves and do it without a speck of CGI. Yes, dear readers, the reason why Predatory Moon was always expected to have such a long production time is because we're building everything from scratch. Every claw swipe, every gunshot, every monster, and even every stage in the transformation sequence is being done with makeup, puppetry, mechanical F/X, and a good deal of off-camera profanity.

Last month we wrapped up all the actors. All that's left to shoot are the mechanical effects. (Those would be things that we can't physically do to actors so we're using stunt puppets instead.) Duckie and Shiva are hard at work building the robotic werewolves right now, and as soon as those puppies are ready to shoot we'll be able to officially wrap up production!

First day of shooting... filming began on the day of a full moon!

Last day of shooting principle photography. Things have gotten pretty messy!

The many stages of creating a werewolf!

Early stage of "Scruffy", the biting puppet.

"Scruffy" completed and ready to chomp on some actors!

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